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What Is a Mommy Makeover?

“Mommy Makeover” is a popular term used to describe a combination of cosmetic procedures designed to help women regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and boost their self-confidence. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can significantly change a woman's body, and a Mommy Makeover in Arkansas typically targets areas such as the breasts, abdomen, and hips.

The procedure may include:

By customizing the procedures to the individual's needs, a Mommy Makeover aims to restore a youthful and toned appearance, positively impacting many mothers' physical and emotional well-being.

Advantages of the Mommy Makeover

Our mommy makeover in Arkansas offers a holistic approach to body rejuvenation. We combine multiple procedures in a single surgery, resulting in a harmonious and balanced outcome.

Some other benefits of this comprehensive approach include:

  • Every woman's body is unique, and the Mommy Makeover is fully customizable to address individual concerns and goals. Dr. Koonce works closely with patients to tailor the procedure to their needs, ensuring personalized and natural-looking results.
  • Combining multiple procedures into a single surgery reduces overall downtime and saves costs compared to undergoing each treatment separately.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to changes in breast shape and volume. With breast augmentation or lift as part of the Mommy Makeover, mothers can regain perkier and fuller breasts, enhancing their overall body contour.
  • One of the most significant changes after pregnancy is stretching abdominal muscles, leading to a "mommy pooch." A tummy tuck in the Mommy Makeover tightens these muscles and removes excess skin, resulting in a flatter and firmer abdomen.
  • Even with a healthy lifestyle, some post-pregnancy fat deposits can be challenging to lose. Liposuction as part of the Mommy Makeover targets these stubborn areas, refining the body's contours for a more sculpted appearance.
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Navigating the Mommy Makeover Recovery

While individual recovery experiences may vary based on the extent of procedures performed, patients can generally expect some common aspects. Swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort are normal during the initial days after the surgery, but these effects gradually subside over the next few weeks.

Patients will be advised to wear compression garments to reduce swelling and support the healing process. It is essential to diligently follow Dr. Koonce’s post-operative instructions, including medication schedules and wound care, to minimize the risk of complications and promote optimal healing.

Most patients can resume light activities within the first week, but strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for several weeks to allow the body to heal correctly. Regular follow-up visits with Dr. Koonce will be scheduled to monitor progress and ensure the recovery is proceeding as expected.

A Closer Look at the Mommy Makeover Procedure

This comprehensive surgery combines treatments tailored to the individual's unique needs and aesthetic goals, meaning the procedure varies based on what is included. Dr. Koonce carefully places incisions discreetly for all surgeries to minimize visible scarring. After completing the selected treatments, the incisions are meticulously closed, and the patient is closely monitored during the initial recovery period.

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Dr. Koonce's Practice and Philosophy

With years of experience and a deep commitment to patient care, Dr. Koonce has earned a stellar reputation among her clients. Her state-of-the-art office provides a welcoming and comfortable environment where patients feel at ease when they enter.

Dr. Koonce's dedicated team works closely with each patient, providing personalized attention and support throughout their surgical journey. Specializing in the Mommy Makeover, Dr. Koonce offers a comprehensive and customizable range of treatments, including breast augmentation or lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. With her meticulous approach and a focus on natural-looking results, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koonce has empowered countless mothers to rediscover their confidence and embrace their post-pregnancy bodies with pride.

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Mommy Makeover FAQ

Will there be visible scarring after the surgery?

How long do the results of a Mommy Makeover last?

Is the Mommy Makeover procedure safe?

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast surgery?

Can I have more children after a Mommy Makeover?

How much does a Mommy Makeover cost?

Will there be visible scarring after the surgery?

Dr. Koonce uses advanced techniques to minimize scarring, and incisions are carefully placed discreetly. Over time, scars typically fade and become less noticeable.

How long do the results of a Mommy Makeover last?

With proper post-operative care and a healthy lifestyle, the results of a Mommy Makeover can be long-lasting. However, the natural aging process and lifestyle factors can impact the longevity of the results.

Is the Mommy Makeover procedure safe?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with a Mommy Makeover. However, when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, the risks are minimized. Pre-operative assessments help identify potential concerns and ensure patient safety.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast surgery?

Breast augmentation alone typically does not interfere with breastfeeding. However, breast lift or reduction surgery may impact milk production, so it is best to wait until after you have finished breastfeeding to undergo these procedures.

Can I have more children after a Mommy Makeover?

While a Mommy Makeover does not prevent future pregnancies, completing your family planning before undergoing the procedure is generally recommended. Subsequent pregnancies may reverse the results achieved through surgery.

How much does a Mommy Makeover cost?

The cost of a Mommy Makeover varies based on the combination of procedures and other factors. Dr. Koonce will provide a personalized quote during the consultation and discuss financing options.

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